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LexisPSL Financial Services

LexisPSL Financial Services provides a full range of practical materials designed for online and grouped together by topic to mirror the way you work.

Publisher: LNUK
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Published: February 19, 2013
ISBN/ISSN: Z000050491618
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

Why you should buy LexisPSL Financial Services

It’s the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns that make Financial Services such a fascinating and challenging area of law. Advising clients in the here and now, or helping them plan ahead, how are you sure you haven’t missed something?

LexisPSL Financial Services helps you find the authoritative answer fast, even if you’re in unfamiliar territory.

Clear, concise practice notes, checklists, timelines, precedents and charts give you just what you need to know – with links to sources like the FSA Handbook, the Journal of International Banking & Financial Law, and Butterworths Financial Regulation Service, as well as legislation and key websites for the fuller picture. And, importantly, news alerts and analysis to help you stay that step ahead.

Whatever’s on the horizon, you can get up-to-speed in a matter of minutes.