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LexisPSL Arbitration

LexisPSL Arbitration provides a full range of practical materials designed for online and grouped together by topic to mirror the way you work.

Publisher: LNUK
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Published: June 13, 2011
ISBN/ISSN: Z000050509282
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

Why you should buy LexisPSL Arbitration

Whether you need detailed guidance on starting and running an arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996, assistance on issues such as jurisdictional challenges, appealing arbitral awards and enforcement, or require key information on the practice and procedure of the major international arbitration rules, LexisPSL Arbitration is the place to start.

Our team of experienced arbitration lawyers give you the answers you need, in a way that’s easy to digest. You get clear, concise practice notes, with direct links to the relevant judgments, Legislation and major institutional rules. Checklists and flowcharts to guide you through complex legal or procedural issues.Precedents, with practical explanations and drafting tips, to help you prepare the documents you need in less time.

Our news reports make it effortless for you to keep up to date with key developments in the global arbitration community and understand the important practical implications for your clients.