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International Family Law Practice Fifth edition

The International Family Law Practice 2016-2017 includes all relevant source material, thereby providing an indispensable guide for solicitors, barristers and the judiciary to this rapidly expanding area of law and practice.
Publisher: Family Law
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781784732332
Publisher: Family Law

Product description

Why should you buy The International Family Law Practice 2016-2017


As a consequence of the increased mobility of families between different countries, family lawyers are now frequently faced with international issues arising in their cases. This major practitioner reference work provides comprehensive coverage of the international elements of English law, and includes all relevant source material, thereby providing an indispensable guide for solicitors, barristers and the judiciary to this rapidly expanding area of law and practice.


This new edition is fully updated throughout to include:

  • Consideration of the possible impact of Brexit on international family law matters
  • The specific rules for allocation of cases, with certificates of complexity, to High Court judges
  • The practical aspects of what lawyers need to do to gain priority of proceedings (‘lis pendens’)
  • The detailed interaction between Brussels II Revised and the 1996 Hague Convention
  • Guidance concerning allocation of international surrogacy parental order applications
  • Analysis of the applicable principles in internal relocation matters and the development of case-law on external relocations
  • Significant new case-law on public law proceedings with an international element
  • Recent EU Maintenance Regulation decisions
  • A new chapter on Female Genital Mutilation


"If you're a family law practitioner whose work has international ramifications or dimensions, this book should be an essential purchase.... this is the book to which you should turn to if you wish to increase your expertise and authority in this rapidly expanding field....Flow charts, bullet points, checklists, not to mention the detailed table of contents, make it easier for the hard pressed practitioner to look things massive but convenient volume, which we say is fast becoming the definitive work in this area" Phillip Taylor MBE and ELizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers

 "David Hodson is recognised as pre-eminent in the field of international family law and demonstrates a mastery of the complexities involved ... provides an extensive introduction to the subject with suggestions as to how to recognise and than tackle an international case depending upon the individual practitioner's knowledge and experience ... The book flags up the questions that need to be asked and guides the practitioner as to where to find that answer ... This book has been awaited with great anticipation by myself and my colleagues. It has many gems and includes useful tables and well set out guidelines throughout with handy hints ... comprehensive overview of the subject and an interesting read" Family Law Week


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Table of contents

• Introduction and Practice/Case Management 
• European Imperative in International Family Law
• Recognition of Foreign Marriages and Divorces
• Same-sex and Cohabitation Relationships
• Stays in the UK, Europe and Worldwide
• Domicile, Residence and Nationality
• Financial Provision after an Overseas Divorce: MFPA 1984, Part III
• International Injunctions and Protective Orders
• Enforcement and Registration of Financial Orders
• Pensions
• Trusts and Corporate Interests
• Marital Agreements
• International Children Issues
• Applications to Take Children Abroad
• Child Abduction
• International Adoption
• Surrogacy
• Forced Marriage
• Care and Placement Proceedings Involving International Families
• Domestic Violence
• Service
• Affidavits, Statements of Truth and Apostilles
• Evidence
• Cross-border Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
• Legal Aid
• Distinctive Aspects of Islamic Law
• Immigration Issues
• International Judicial Collaboration
• The Future

With specialist contributions by: Edward Bennett, Helen Blackburn, Nadine Finch, Louisa Ghevaert, Katharine Landells, Louise McCallum, Nazia Rashid, David Salter, Zimran Samuel, Timothy Scott QC, Ann Thomas, Aidan Vine QC