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Family Mediation Third edition

The Children and Families Act 2014 has been described as the largest family justice reform for a decade, bringing fresh opportunities and challenges both for newly trained and experienced family mediators and for legal advisers.
Publisher: Family Law
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781784730253
Publisher: Family Law

Product description

Why should you buy Family Mediation


The Children and Families Act 2014 has been described as the largest family justice reform for a decade, bringing fresh opportunities and challenges both for newly trained and experienced family mediators and for legal advisers.

In explaining non-court dispute resolution processes and in managing the mediation process carefully, mediators need awareness, empathy and a high level of knowledge and skills.

Lisa Parkinson's definitive mediation textbook has been brought up to date to incorporate new developments in Family Justice and in mediation theory and practice. It is an authoritative and practical guide which not only explains the principles and process of family mediation but also places it in the context of a changing family justice system and its interaction with other professionals and processes.

The text is supplemented by appendices containing key sample documentation.

As such it remains the authoritative book in its subject area and essential reading for all mediators.

Read some articles on by Lisa here.


"all of us who work in the system need a comprehensive understanding of family mediation, the practice of which is far more complex and multi-faceted ... we will need a vademecum. It will be Lisa Parkinson's book" Nicholas Wilson, Lord Justice of Appeal, President of the Family Mediators Association

"I have consistently recommended Lisa Parkinson's book as the definitive work on family mediation. I'm delighted that she has produced a 2nd edition" Henry Brown, Mediator Co-Founder and Vice-President of the Family Mediators Association

"a must ... comprehensive and compelling ...This book is not just for mediators: it is essential reading for all practitioners and judiciary in the family justice system" Elizabeth Walsh, Solicitor and Mediator

“invaluable and indispensable … the second edition is even more comprehensive and compelling … a testament to the enduring and evolving interdisciplinary model of mediation … I recommend this book to: Experienced mediators to remind them of and reinforce their skill base; aspiring mediators for the basic building blocks; lawyers and anyone else who wants to know what family mediation is really all about; anyone interested in family mediation in the current changing climate"  Jane Staff, Family Lawyer and Mediator, North Staffordshire

"describes how referral to mediation works in practice and how the essential principles of mediation are maintained ... I recommend this book to all mediation trainers and experienced family mediators. I should be very glad if German lawyers, who have tended to steer clear of mediation, would refer their clients to mediation more readily, encouraged by the convincing evidence in this book of mediation's value and effectiveness" Christoph C. Paul, Lawyer; Mediator, Berlin Translated from the German review published in “Zeitschrift für Konflikt-Management”, vol. 5/2011, September/October 2011, p. 160

"a must read ... the text has already been translated into 5 languages, making it a global reference for professionals at every stage of their professional development and practice ... Lisa Parkinson’s book has amply covered the theory and practice of mediation ... its content is informative and relevant ... an essential reference guide ... highly recommend" Roisin O'Neill, Mediator

“the 1st edition of this book was published in 1997 when FM was first about to achieve legislative recognition and some public funding. It became an instant classic. In 2011 assessment for FM suitability became generally obligatory – and this second edition will be granted the same status as its predecessor” Chris Barton, Emeritus Professor of Family Law and a Vice-President of the Family Mediators Association Vol. 34, No, 1, March 2012, 137-139

"what makes Family Mediation particularly useful is its multi‐disciplinary approach. It is rare to find a mediation book that doesn’t have at least a slight bias in terms of content based on the author’s profession of origin, be that as a social worker, lawyer or psychotherapist ... I can only recommend this book, not just because I respect and admire its author so much but because it manages to be a practical handbook for mediators at the same time as being a textbook for scholars and professionals"  Sabine Walsh,


Table of contents

• Foreword 
• Mediation and the management of conflict
• Family mediation - theoretical frameworks
• Considering mediation and assessing suitability
• Designing mediation models
• Navigating through mediation
• Communication skills in mediation
• Child-focused mediation
• Child-inclusive mediation
• Mediating on money matters
• Managing power imbalances in mediation
• Dealing with deadlocks
• Skills in ending mediation
• Research on family mediation
• Becoming a family mediator
• International family mediation and future directions
• Appendices
• Bibliography
• Index

Editorial Consultant: Neil Robinson, Mediator, consultant and trainer, Mental Health Judge, Member of FMA Board and Visiting Professor, Staffordshire University