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Butterworths Financial Regulation Service (Full Set)

Butterworths Financial Regulation Service (Full Set) deals with every area covered by the new regulations.

Publisher: LNUK
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780406941312
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

Why you should buy Butterworths Financial Regulation Service (Full Set)

Butterworths Financial Regulation Service has been designed to replace the well-renowned Financial Services Law and Practice, and offers the best in authority, currency, depth and practical guidance. The work deals with every area covered by the new regulations.

No other service will offer:

  • The full text of the regulations - clearly set out, with easy to use indexing
  • Such a high level of commentary, ensuring the practitioner has all the relevant information and accompanying in depth analysis
  • The flexibility of Butterworths Financial Regulation Service allows the user to take the volumes that are most relevant, saving time, space and money
  • The best value for money service available.

Butterworths Financial Regulation Service will be updated six times a year, ensuring information is always up to date. There is also a free monthly bulletin on PDF, which will gives a snapshot of the latest developments.

The service has been designed to suit the practitioners' specific needs. After purchasing the core volumes one and two, the user can take as many of the remaining five volumes as are relevant. Volume one is a general overview of the regulations and volume two examines the regulatory processes and redress.

The service is simple to use. Not only is the index user friendly and fully comprehensive, there are also destination tables which will guide the user to relevant materials.


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Table of contents


Volume 1. General (including High Level Standards);
Volume 2. Regulatory Processes and Redress;
Volume 3. Investment Firms and Collective Investment Schemes;
Volume 4. Credit Institutions;
Volume 5. Markets;
Volume 6. Insurance, Lloyds’s and Friendly Societies;
Volume 7. Insurance Mediation and Mortgage;



Division A The Regulatory Structure in Operation;
Division B Financial Services and Markets Act 2000;
Division C Section 1 Statutes;
Division C Section 2 Statutory Instruments;
Division C Section 3 EU Materials;
Division C Section 4 Other Materials;
Division D Cases;
Division E EU Financial Services;
Division F FSA Glossary;
Division G General Sourcebook on High Level Transitional Provisions;
Division H High Level Standards (Firms);
Division I High Level Standards (Individuals);
Division J Money Laundering Requirements;
Division K Money Laundering Commentary;
Division L Electronic Commerce Requirements;
Division M Electronic Commerce Commentary;
Division N Electronic Money Requirements;
Division O Electronic Money Commentary;


Division A Authorisation Requirements;
Division B Authorisation Commentary;
Division C Supervision Requirements;
Division D Supervision Commentary;
Division E Enforcement and Investigations Requirements;
Division F Enforcement and Investigations Commentary;
Division G Decision Making Requirements;
Division H Decision Making Commentary;
Division I Dispute resolution: Complaints Requirements;
Division J Complaints Commentary;
Division K Compensation Requirements;
Division L Compensation Commentary;
Division M Complaints Against the FSA Requirements;
Division N Complaints Against the FSA Commentary;


Division A Prudential Requirements for Investment Businesses;
Division B Prudential Requirements for Investment Businesses Commentary;
Division C Conduct of Business Requirements;
Division D Conduct of Business Commentary;
Division D.1 Client Assets Requirements;
Division D.2 Client Assets Commentary;
Division D.3 New Collective Investment Schemes Requirements;
Division D.4 New Collective Investment Schemes Commentary;
Division E Collective Investment Schemes Requirements;
Division F Collective Investment Schemes Commentary;
Division G Professional Firms Requirements;
Division H Professional Firms Commentary;


Division A Interim Prudential Sourcebook: Banks;
Division B Interim Prudential Sourcebook: Banks Commentary;
Division C Interim Prudential Sourcebook: Building Societies;
Division D Interim Prudential Sourcebook: Building Societies Commentary;
Division E Credit Unions Requirements;
Division F Credit Unions Commentary;
Division G Mortgages Requirements;
Division H Mortgages Commentary;


Division B Market Conduct Commentary;
Division C Listing Rules Requirements;
Division D Listing Rules Commentary;
Division E Public Offer of Securities Requirements;
Division F Public Offer of Securities Commentary;
Division G Recognised Investment Exchanges and Recognised Clearing Houses Requirements;
Division H Recognised Investment Exchanges and Recognised Clearing Houses Commentary;
Division I Service Companies Requirements;
Division J Service Companies Commentary;
Division K Energy Market Participants Requirements;
Division L Energy Market Participants Commentary;
Division M Oil Market Participants Requirements;
Division N Oil Market Participants Commentary;


Division A Insurance Requirements;
Division B Insurance Commentary;
Division C Lloyd’s Requirements;
Division D Lloyd’s Commentary;
Division E Friendly Societies Requirements;
Division F Small Friendly Societies Requirements;
Division G Friendly Societies Commentary;


Division A: Mortgages: Conduct of Business Requirements;
Division B: Mortgages: Conduct of Business Commentary;
Division C: Insurance: Conduct of Business Requirements;
Division D: Insurance: Conduct of Business Commentary;