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Alcock, Birds and Gale on The Companies Act 2006

Explains what stage the implementation process has now reached.
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Published: January 31, 2009
ISBN/ISSN: 9781846611360

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Why should you buy Alcock, Birds and Gale on The Companies Act 2006

Alcock, Birds and Gale on the Companies Act 2006 follows the structure of the CA 2006 and explains what stage the implementation process has now reached.

It covers all those SIs required to implement the Act with the exception of the 8th Commencement Order which does not come into force until 1 October 2009, and includes a table of when the various sections have come into force. The problems associated with this staggered implementation are also discussed.

This new work builds on the success of Companies Act 2006: The New Law (Jordans New Law Series) and includes a new chapter on the staggered commencement of the Act with information on the transitional provisions and provides practical guidance of new regulations governing:

  • company accounts and reporting and audited accounts
  • duties of appointment and removal of auditors and Part 42 governing supervision of auditors
  • important changes affecting directors duties including conflicts and the concept of general duties
  • amendments designed to modify and streamline the law on debentures.

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Table of contents

Introduction to the Companies Act 2006
The Problems with Staggered Commencement
Types of Companies Subject to the Companies Act 2006
Registration, Re-registration, Striking Off and Restoration
Registrars, Registers, Returns and Charges
Company and Business Names
Constitutions, Capacity and Contracts
Records and Communications
Company Meetings and Resolutions
Polls of Quoted Companies
Directors, Management and the Company Secretary
Directors' Duties
Remedies for Members
Allotment of Shares
Certification and Transfer of Securities; Debentures
Shares, Share Capital and Distributions
Political Donations and Expenditure
Accounts and Reports
Filing of Accounts and Defective Accounts
Requirement for Audited Accounts
Functions and Duties of Auditors
Appointment, Removal and Resignation of Auditors
Statutory Auditors and Their Supervision
Implementing the Takeovers Directive
Implementing the Transparency Directive and Corporate Governance Matters
Investigations, Reconstructions, Offences and Other Matters
Companies Act 2006
Table of Origins and Destinations