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Child and Family Law Quarterly Open Access Policy

LexisNexis is pleased to implement its Open Access policy as follows. Although we primarily publish reference works, we do publish an important scholarly journal, Child and Family Law Quarterly (CFLQ), as part of our portfolio. We are sensitive to the fact that academic authors considering submission to CFLQ are affected by new funding and open access rules, and we wish to support them by removing any barriers to their submitting articles to the journal.

Our Open Access policy is therefore fully compliant with policies of the four Higher Education Funding Councils for the UK and Research Councils UK (RCUK) guidelines. As of 29 July 2014, for qualifying submissions, we will offer a “Green OA” option for authors’ articles upon acceptance, where the author is subject to an open access mandate. Authors will pay no publication fee, and we will make a copy of the published article (“version of record”) freely available on our website after an embargo period consistent with the author’s funding agency’s requirements, under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial (CC-BY-NC) licence. We will also provide authors a copy of the accepted manuscript (“post print”) so they can discharge their obligations for deposit in repositories as necessary.

Applicable Open Access coverage

UK-based authors are assumed to be covered by funding from one of the four HK Higher Education Funding Councils, unless they state otherwise when submitting an article. UK-based authors who are also funded by one of the RCUK’s bodies should indicate which on submission. Non-UK based authors should contact the editors to discuss whether any open access mandate may apply. All articles and case commentaries submitted after 29 July 2014 will be covered by the CFLQ open access arrangements. Book reviews are not covered. Authors should contact the editors if they have requests for book reviews to be included.

Deposit guidelines for authors

Once the CFLQ editors accept an article for publication, Jordan Publishing will email the author a copy of the Accepted Manuscript ("post-print") which can be used for deposit in an institutional repository on the conditions that: (i) the relevant embargo period is applied to the full text of the article (typically 24 months, or 12 months for AHRC or ESRC funded research); (ii) the article is made available under a CC-BY-NC licence; and (iii) the Publisher's Information at the top of the article is reproduced along with the article's openly available information (which also include title, author names, affiliations and abstract, where available). We advise all authors to consult their institutions for specific advice about Open Access guidelines which apply to them.

Further guidance may be sought from the Journals Manager if necessary.

Emma Reitano