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Simon's Taxes (Loose Leaf Set)

Simon’s is the most popular tax reference service in the UK – it is relied on by more accountants and tax practitioners, solicitors and barristers than any other service of its kind. 

Publisher: LNUK
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Published: September 30, 2008
ISBN/ISSN: 9781405736237
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

Why should you buy Simon's Taxes (Loose Leaf Set)

Simon's Taxes was first published in 1948 and remains the leading reference service for UK direct taxes (income tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax and inheritance tax).

The Simon’s subscription comprises:

  • The full ten-volume looseleaf binders and monthly updates, providing the detailed Simon’s narrative together with relevant supporting materials, including HMRC materials and UK double tax treaties
  • Four Tolley Tax Annuals, the leading handbooks on the four main direct taxes (income tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax and inheritance tax)
  • The annual Budget Bulletin and Finance Act Handbook
  • Unlimited use of Tolley’s Practice Support, our telephone tax helpline service. This service is staffed by senior tax practitioners and it can be used to provide guidance and support all areas of direct and indirect taxation

Whatever your tax research requirements, Simon's Taxes is the cornerstone of your tax library.


Table of contents

Binder 1: Index; New developments; Tax tables; Worldwide taxes; Tax office directory 
Binder 2: General Principles; Impact of EU Law; Administration & Compliance; Enquiries & Investigations
Binder 3: Business profits, capital allowances, partnerships and property income
Binder 4: Capital gains, settlements and estates, trusts
Binder 5: Companies; groups; overseas issues; distributions
Binder 6: Company reconstructions; special classes of companies; other transactions in securities
Binder 7: Individuals; employment income; retirement provision
Binder 8: Inheritance Tax
Binder 9: HMRC materials
Binder 10: Double Taxation Agreements; OECD Model Agreements; Exchange Rates