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Butterworths Wills, Probate and Administration Service

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780406996619
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

Why should you buy Butterworths Wills, Probate and Administration Service

Designed to provide practical solutions to your day-to-day problems, this looseleaf work contains clear, step-by-step guidance on all areas of probate and administration law and practice, from planning and drafting a will, through administration of the estate and taxation, to after-death variations, family provision and litigation.

Combining narrative text with precedents and source materials to make a single comprehensive reference service, it offers commentary and advice from leading experts.

It includes precedents, fully annotated and presented clause by clause where appropriate, worked examples and the text of all relevant statutory materials. Tax considerations are emphasised throughout.

The service is now also available online and on CD-ROM as part of the Butterworths Wills and Probate Library, bringing users the added benefits of electronic delivery such as enhanced search facilities and hypertext links.

Two looseleaf volumes, four service issues per year (invoiced separately on publication).


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Table of contents


Division A: Wills. Precedents; Division AI: Wills - Providing for disabled beneficiaries; Precedents; Division A2: Incapacity; Division B: Intestacy; Division CI: Inheritance Tax; Division CII: Capital Gains Tax; Division CIII: Income Tax; Division D: Obtaining the grant. Precedents; Division E: Administration of the estate. Precedents; Division F: After-death variations. Precedents; Division G: Contentious matters. Precedents; Division H: Family provision. Precedents; Division I: State benefits; Division J: Statutes; Division K: Statutory instruments; Division L: Practice directions and circulars; Table of cases; Table of statutes; Table of statutory instruments; Index