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DIY Divorce and Separation: The Expert Guide to Representing Yourself

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Published: October 31, 2014
ISBN/ISSN: 9781846619236
Publisher: Family Law

Product description

Why should you buy DIY Divorce and Separation: The Expert Guide to Representing Yourself


This book is your first step to understanding the options available to you and the themes and issues that you will encounter as you embark upon self-representation and the resolution of your family dispute.

Breaking up is hard to do. It can also be a costly affair when you factor in legal fees. If you are looking to represent yourself in court or thinking about going directly to a barrister to save money, this book will de-mystify the legal process and arm you with the know-how and confidence to achieve a successful outcome.

Written by a team of leading family law barristers, the book takes you through the process of splitting up, tells you what preparation is essential for court and helps you decide exactly when professional support is required. As well as chapters on the different aspects of divorce and separation, from children to financial remedies, the book includes essential concepts, a toolbox guide to the applications that can be made, sources for further research and tips and traps.


"if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to attend family court, this book will make for a most sensible purchase ...designed for Litigants in Person (LiPs) but we would suggest anyone going through the family justice sytem would do well to have a copy by their side, even if represented by a professional - it's simply more reassuring to have your own knowledge of the processes adopted by the courts - and this book gives you the near perfect tool " Only Dads

"I got hold of a sort of bible I would say for all those divorcing, whether they DIY or not  ... an expert guide to representing yourself ... it demystifies the legal process and provides the parties involved with the know-how and confidence to handle a divorce them selves or understand what your barrister is actually saying. Mrs Bargain Hunter

"The real strength of the book is in the sections about the court process and completing the court forms. The authors have provided examples of the types of answers to give whether it is in children’s proceedings or financial proceedings. Using their knowledge of the court process and their experience of working with judges they have managed to convey what will be expected of anybody who is intending to head off to court ... an affordable, readable book that will achieve for individuals what it sets out to do in its title. For most people, divorce is a once in a lifetime experience and, whether legally represented or not, having this book to hand whilst going through the experience will help to guide people through the mystifying legal process" Jane Robey, Chief Executive, National Family Mediation

"very useful text, highly recommended to lawyers and LiPs alike" The Women's Lawyer (Twitter)

"families struggling with #familylaw concerns, this book (about £15) will really help" Family Law Panel (Twitter)


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Table of contents

Initial considerations
How to think like a family lawyer
Bringing the marriage/civil partnership to an end
Case preparation
Domestic Violence
Children Act1989, Schedule 1