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Court of Protection Law Reports

A series of reports which covers every aspect of the law, practice and procedure governing the enlarged CoP jurisdiction
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ISBN/ISSN: Z000050712908

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Why should you subscribe to Court of Protection Law Reports

Court of Protection Law Reports, available as either a print subscription or part of LexisLibrary, is a series of reports which covers every aspect of the law, practice and procedure governing the enlarged CoP jurisdiction, including all significant cases resulting from both health & welfare issues and property matters & financial affairs. Each report contains a headnote, drafted by an experienced specialist editor, providing a concise summary of the case, the issues involved and the points of law raised. All case reports are judicially approved prior to publication, making them totally authoritative and reliable.

The series commences with a single consolidated volume (2008-2011), fully indexed and tabled, containing over 50 key cases reported since the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. From the beginning of 2012, the reports will be issued 4 times a year to ensure that you always have access to the very latest court decisions, thus making the series a highly comprehensive and essential source of reference.


Editor in Chief:
The Right Honourable Lord Justice Baker

Consulting Editor:
District Judge Marc Marin, Nominated Judge of the Court of Protection

Eason Rajah QC, Ten Old Square
Julia Beer, Barrister, Selborne Chambers
Martha Gray, Barrister, Harcourt Chambers
Annabel Lee, Barrister, 39 Essex Chambers
Alexander Ruck Keene, Barrister, 39 Essex Chambers, Honorary Research Lecturer, University of Manchester Visiting Research Fellow, Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London
Victoria Butler-Cole, Barrister, 39 Essex Chambers


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Table of contents

[2020] COPLR 389-704 Issue 3

  • A Healthcare and B NHS Trust v CC (By His Litigation Friend the Official Solicitor)
    [2020] EWHC 574 (Fam) [2020] COPLR 389, FD
  • Re ACC, JDJ and HPP
    [2020] EWCOP 9 [2020] COPLR 406, CP
  • Cardiff and Vale University Health Board v P (By His Litigation Friend CL)
    [2020] EWCOP 8 [2020] COPLR 449, CP
  • DA v DJ
    [2017] EWHC 3904 (COP) [2020] COPLR 454, CP
  • Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Another v R
    [2020] EWCOP 4 [2020] COPLR 471, CP
  • Health Service Executive of Ireland v Ellern Mede Moorgate
    [2020] EWCOP 12 [2020] COPLR 501, CP
  • Hinduja v Hinduja and Others
    [2020] EWHC 1533 (Ch) [2020] COPLR 528, ChD
  • Re JB (Capacity: Sexual Relations)
    [2020] EWCA Civ 735 [2020] COPLR 550, CA
  • Re JBN; Public Guardian v DJN
    [2019] EWCOP 62 [2020] COPLR 587, CP
  • KKL Executor and Trustee Company Ltd v Harrison
    [2020] EWCOP 25 [2020] COPLR 597, CP
  • London Borough of Tower Hamlets v A (By Her Litigation Friend the Official Solicitor) and KF
    [2020] EWCOP 21 [2020] COPLR 609, CP
  • Re QD (Jurisdiction: Habitual Residence)
    [2019] EWCOP 56 [2020] COPLR 633, CP
  • Re QD (Habitual Residence) (No 2)
    [2020] EWCOP 14 [2020] COPLR 646, CP
  • R (Maguire) v Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner for Blackpool and Fylde and Others
    [2020] EWCA Civ 738 [2020] COPLR 654, CA
  • Re SF (Injunctive Relief)
    [2020] EWCOP 19 [2020] COPLR 683, CP
  • Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust v C (By Her Litigation Friend the Official Solicitor) and Another
    [2020] EWCOP 10 [2020] COPLR 696, CP