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Why should you buy The Civil Court Practice 2019

The Civil Court Practice, known as The Green Book, is the essential guide to bringing, defending and appealing civil proceedings and it is an indispensable reference source in both the High Court and County Court. It provides focused, authoritative and comprehensive coverage of the CPR and is fully cross-referenced to Butterworths Civil Court Precedents.

The Green Book is known for its clear, comprehensive and pertinent explanation of the Rules, the cases and their application. Essential commentary and explanatory notes are included throughout, written by an expert editorial board including QBD and Chancery Masters, District Judges and leading practitioners.

2019 Updates:
Volume One examines procedure in the civil courts and contains the Civil Procedure Rules 1998, the RSC, CCR and Protocols.

Volume Two covers general and more specific jurisdiction of the civil courts, including Companies, Personal Injury, Contempt of Court and Mental Capacity and Mental Health.

Two separate supplements contain the Procedural Tables, the fees and up-to-date court guides for easy desk-top reference.

Volume 1 and Supplement 1 are reissued in October as part of the annual subscription. There is also an updating supplement in the summer and a regular newsletter containing case summaries and articles.

A CD-ROM provides the full text of both main volumes and the supplements, as well as a complete set of fillable and downloadable forms.

What's new:

  • All the most recent CPR and PD amendments – 104th and 105th Updates and Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2019 – included in Volume 1
  • New guidance on what a budget is and the consequences of failing to file one arising out of the decision in Page v RGC Restaurants
  • Detailed commentary on CPR3.1A (case management for unrepresented parties)
  • Procedural Tables fully updated to reflect current practice
  • Europe section updated in light of current legislation and case law, plus information on potential outcomes of Brexit (deal and no deal scenarios).
  • Wales section covers important areas like Housing where Welsh law provides different rights and remedies from those available in England
  • Data protection: the new edition covers everything you to know for court proceedings based on the Data Protection Act 2018 or GDPR, together with commentary identifying the links between GDPR and the Act

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