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Published: January 01, 1991
ISBN/ISSN: 9780406048479
Publisher: LNUK

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Why you should buy Butterworths Civil Court Precedents

Butterworths Civil Court Precedents provides precedents in support of litigation in the county court, High Court and Court of Appeal, under the Civil Procedure Rules 1998. Acting as an invaluable companion to The Civil Court Practice, to which it is fully cross-referenced, it gives detailed guidance on the legal and practical implications of all forms of drafting for county court and High Court litigation. The text is divided into three parts: general proceedings under the CPR; specific proceedings under the CPR (covering tort, personal injury and landlord and tenant, amongst others); and specific proceedings outside the CPR, dealing with the law relating to insolvency, children and family breakdown.

Three looseleaf volumes, seven service issues per year (invoiced separately on publication).


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Table of contents


PART I: General proceedings under the CPR; Preliminaries; Statements of case; Applications, offers, judgments and orders; Disclosure and experts; Costs; Appeals; Compromise; Enforcement; Judicial review, statutory review and habeas corpus; PART II: Specific proceedings under the CPR; Contract and business law; Tort; Personal injury; Professional negligence; Landlord and tenant; Real property; Trusts and estates; Companies and partnerships; PART III: Specific proceedings outside the CPR; Insolvency; Children; Family breakdown