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ISBN/ISSN: Z000050745644
Publisher: Family Law

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Why should you buy Child and Family Law Quarterly: Marriage Law Special Issue [Issue 3 2018]

Who can marry, and how, has been the subject of reform and review across the UK and Ireland in recent years. Yet the uniform law of marriage recommended by the Royal Commission 150 years ago is no closer to being realised. This special issue of the Child and Family Law Quarterly explores the current options for those wishing to marry in the UK and Ireland, and how the law might be reformed.

Rebecca Probert, Maebh Harding and Brian Dempsey investigate what the 1868 Royal Commission recommended and why its proposals failed to become law. Murray Maclean draws on empirical research into marriage practices in Scotland to demonstrate the impact of recent reforms there. Frank Cranmer and Sharon Thompson analyse the Scottish-inspired reforms in Northern Ireland, the impact of the recent litigation over humanist marriages, and the lack of any option for same-sex couples to marry. Kathryn O'Sullivan and Susan Leahy explore the changing conceptions of marriage in the Republic of Ireland, analysing trends in how couples marry, the evolving legal framework, and some of the concerns generated by the liberalisation of the rules regarding location and the registration of solemnisers. Rebecca Probert analyses the current law of England and Wales in order to see whether a uniform framework can be extracted from the current complex law, with the aim of putting all religious faiths - and non-religious beliefs - on an equal footing.

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CFLQ 2018 Issue 3: Marriage Law Special Issue

A uniform law of marriage? The 1868 Royal Commission reconsidered - Rebecca Probert, Maebh Harding and Brian Dempsey
Beyond belief: the law and practice of marriage formation in contemporary Scotland - Murray McLean
A uniform marriage law for England and Wales? - Rebecca Probert
Changing conceptions of marriage in Ireland: law and practice - Susan Leahy and Kathryn O’Sullivan
Marriage and civil partnership in Northern Ireland: a changing legal landscape - Frank Cranmer and Sharon Thompson

Book Review
The Future of Registered Partnerships: Family Recognition Beyond Marriage? - Jens M Scherpe and Andy Hayward (editors) Rebecca Probert