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Chinese Arbitration Law

Chinese Arbitration Law focuses on the law and practice of arbitration in China.
Publisher: LNUK
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Published: December 01, 2015
ISBN/ISSN: 9789888301317
Publisher: LNUK

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Why you should buy Chinese Arbitration Law

A LexisNexis China Publication Chinese Arbitration Law focuses on the law and practice of arbitration in China.

It deals with the whole range of China practice issues from pre-commencement considerations and interim remedies to jurisdictional challenges to practice and procedure to the enforcement of awards. It also contains guidance on the emerging and important area of China related investment treaty disputes.

It is written by leading Chinese and international arbitration lawyers in China and Hong Kong. Anyone dealing with Commercial Arbitration in China will understand the complexities and areas of uncertainty that exist. Chinese Arbitration Law is a detailed treatment and explanation of the law and practice.

This indispensable work provides guidance on the most common and widely debated legal issues concerning Arbitration in China. Its universal appeal ensures corporate and private practitioners from across the globe are well equipped on Arbitration procedure in the PRC.


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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Chinese Arbitration Law; 
Chapter 2 History of Arbitration in China;
Chapter 3 The Chinese Legal Framework;
Chapter 4 The Arbitration Agreement;
Chapter 5 Commencing the Arbitration, Limitation Periods and
Interim Measures;
Chapter 6 The Tribunal;
Chapter 7 Jurisdictional Challenges;
Chapter 8 The Arbitration Commission in China;
Chapter 9 The Arbitration Proceeding;
Chapter 10 Arbitration-Mediation;
Chapter 11 China-related Investment Arbitration;
Chapter 12 The Award;
Chapter 13 The Setting Aside and Enforcement of Awards in China