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DIFC Courts Rules (eBook)

DIFC Courts Rules - Dubai's English language, common law Courts have been growing in popularity as a venue for commercial disputes and to enforce judicial decisions.

Publisher: LNUK
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ISBN/ISSN: 9781474303552
Publisher: LNUK

Product description

For the first time the DIFC Courts' official rules are produced in Epub format with the official sanction of the DIFC Courts themselves and the Academy of Law, who are book's authors.

In recent years, the DIFC Courts - Dubai's English language, common law Courts have been growing in popularity as a venue for commercial disputes and to enforce judicial decisions. Since 2011, this court has had the remit to hear any civil or commercial case where both parties select the DIFC Courts' jurisdiction in their original contracts or agreements, or post dispute, as well as civil or commercial cases related to the DIFC. This has meant a growing number of parties with no connection to the DIFC are agreeing to submit to its jurisdiction, making easy access to these rules even more essential for law firms and legal practitioners.

All 55 Parts of the DIFC Courts Rules are produced in full and logically split with guide cards between the parts and part indexs to make it far simpler to find and access information relevant to your dispute.

As well as the Court rules for the DIFC's recently established Wills & Probate Registry, this book covers a range of topics including:

- Court Documents
- Starting Proceedings
- Disputing Jurisdiction
- Defence and Reply
- Alternative Dispute Resolution
- Interim Remedies
- Small Claims and Insolvency proceedings

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