COVID-19 has completely transformed the legal profession. Significant changes have been made as a result of the pandemic, with 75% of firms furloughing staff and a further 25% implementing redundancies. However, despite the challenges, lawyers working in independent law firms remain optimistic about the future. The pandemic is now perceived to be a minor threat - with 4 in 5 firms believing they will be in business for the long term. 42% of firms are reporting growth compared to 3-4 years ago.

As homeworking continues to be the new normal, cracks are appearing. Staff report that the novelty is wearing off. 43% say that their morale and wellbeing is worse than before the start of the pandemic. Isolation and motivation are now cited as the biggest home working issues, with stress levels increasing significantly as well.

Our findings from the Bellwether Report 2020: COVID-19: the next chapter told us:

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