Have you ever researched an issue on the free open web and been wary of delivering the results to your clients? You’re not alone. The Internet can be a great source of information, but can you be confident the legal and regulatory answers you get are accurate and up to date?

Your reputation is priceless. Your time is valuable. When you consider the increased risk and the extra time spent searching, have you ever wondered what the real cost of free information is?

With Lexis ®PSL you can trust the answers you find in seconds are correct.

For independent legal professionals, small to mid-size law firms and sole practitioners, LexisPSL covers over 35 specialist areas of law and has been built to give you quick practical guidance, accurate answers to specific points of law and the latest developments. You can speed up process intensive work with our unique range of tools and calculators across all our practice areas.

With LexisPSL you can:

Manage your workflows by speeding up process-intensive work, with our layered approach to research

Simple questions lead to overviews, whilst complex questions lead to practice notes, commentary and legislation

Link directly to deeper research and the many unique trusted sources in Lexis ®Library

Speed up repetitive tasks with our unique range of tools and calculators across all of our practice areas

Our expert Lawyers will help you find the answer to a question you might be not able to answer simply by using our LexisAsk service

We’re always praised for our training, support and customer service

The time you save with LexisPSL will more than pay for itself. Tailor your package to suit your needs with our ‘pick and mix’ pricing model. Take as much or as little as you want – the choice is yours.

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