Discover the new digital age for small law firms

Many were led to believe that small law firms would be the first to crumble during the pandemic, but according to this years’ Bellwether report, 31% of small firms were able to outperform their revenue expectations and 66% are continuing to grow compared to 3-4 years ago, despite national restrictions and market uncertainty.


Though the Bellwether displayed some great news for independent law firms, it doesn’t mean you should kick back and relax if you want to out-do the competition. 77% agree that Covid-19 has presented an opportunity to drive innovation and change in working practices- have you considered if the way you're working is outdated?

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Discover the new digital age for small law

Digital innovation and the effects on small law

As larger firms start to digitise, LexisNexis reveals how competition and risk rises for small law firms, particularly for those that are refusing to embrace the need for change.

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Digital Dividends: Moving small law online

Blogger, Andrew Muir shares more on the evolution of digitising new small law business practices and the how you can adapt by following the latest trends to avoid falling behind your competitors.

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