Since the Jackson reforms were implemented in 2013 the number of quantum cases being decided by the courts has drastically reduced; making it much more challenging to add new cases to our industry's quantum databases than before.

The Lexis Quantum Database already has thousands of high-quality quantum cases for you to search when valuing your cases. However, it’s important we act now to ensure you continue to have a wide pool of up-to-date representative cases to help best serve your clients now and in the future.

What can I do?

We’ve designed the Lexis Quantum Portal to make submitting cases, particularly bulk submissions, easy, secure and GDPR compliant.

By submitting your quantum cases through the Lexis Quantum Portal you can have a hand in increasing the availability of cases whilst helping ensure the database remains representative. The more cases we can add to our quantum databases the better you can serve your clients.

Why should I get involved?

The majority of quantum data is in the case management systems of insurance companies, personal injury and clinical negligence firms like yours. Up until now there has been no way of collecting this data and sharing it with you, your colleagues or the wider personal injury and clinical negligence community.

We already have a number of leading personal injury and clinical negligence firms onboard, both claimant and defendant representatives, who recognise the benefits of sharing quantum data within their firm and the wider industry.

As a community we need to work together to ensure we can best serve our clients, efficiently and profitably.

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Quantum Portal: The Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Market.

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Stay compliant when submitting quantum cases

Stay compliant when submitting quantum cases


Yes, we welcome quantum details for all types of cases including out of court settlements, court awards and court approved settlements.

We are happy to accept all types of personal injury and clinical negligence claims ranging in value from low value claims through to multi-track cases.

If the claimant was awarded a global figure for general damages, special damages and interest, with no apportionment for each head of damage, you should make your best assessment of general damages, based on the claimed amount, the defendant’s response and medical evidence. When completing the ‘case summary’ section of the portal form simply confirm that the damages have been estimated and by whom.

No problem - just email the case details to ensuring you don’t include any party names.

There is no limit on the number of quantum cases you can send to Lexis. We are very keen to increase the breadth and depth of cases in our Quantum Database so please feel free to send quantum cases to us in bulk via the portal.

To comply with GDPR requirements and to preserve your client’s confidentiality we are anonymising the cases on the Quantum Database. All new cases which we add to the Quantum Database are going to be referred to by a unique reference number instead of party names. By the end of 2019 all the existing cases in the Quantum Database will also be anonymised to ensure our submitting firms and Lexis are fully compliant with the current data protection regulations.

If there is a query in relation to your case submission the Lexis PSL PI team will be in touch with you to clarify any issues. Otherwise, you can assume your case will be published on the Quantum Database within 4 weeks of submission.

All new cases are checked and vetted by our personal injury specialists and go through an extensive quality assurance process before being added to the database.