The Laws of Organic Growth

There's more to growing a law firm than mergers and acquisitions (M&As). In this LexisNexis report, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of organic growth strategies used by the UK's top law firms.

1 in 2
UK law firms are considering a merger

All law firms want growth. Big or small – firms are chasing more work, more profit and more clients.

The traditional solution is to merge or acquire another firm.

But – might there be other ways to growth?

LexisNexis spoke with 20 of the fastest growing law firms – from top 100 law firms, to leading litigators and boutique practices – to explore the strategies that work, and those that don’t.

The responses were plentiful; the most popular being through enhanced client relationships, lateral hiring and talent attraction/retention, business development strategies as well as offering technology-as-a-service.

“Clients are coming to us with problems which cannot always be solved by lawyers and so it’s becoming more and more common for teams of lawyers to collaborate with other professional staff to co-create client solutions.”

-Nick Perry, Managing Partner, Bird & Bird

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