Mind the gap

Is being mid-sized still a good thing?

After years of turmoil for mid-size law firms, those who've survived the storm are in good health and feeling positive about the future. But the decision-makers at the top of these firms often have a rosier view of where they are in the market and what it'll take to hold on to their position in the future than their practising colleagues – and they both tend to have a higher opinion of their own service than the clients on the receiving end.

Based on interviews and surveys with 56 decision makers and more than 100 practising lawyers, the 'Mind the gap' report explores how mid-size firms feel about the health of their firm, their prospects for growth and how they're adapting to meet the changing needs of their increasingly demanding and tech-savvy clients and staff.

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LexisNexis Mind the Gap Research Results

Mind the gap, has identified that decision makers and lawyers within mid-size firms, have a difference of opinion when questioned about their firm’s top priorities. The survey revealed that despite stark differences they agreed that a need to review sources of legal information was fundamental. LexisNexis Market Development Director, Jon Whittle summarises the results.

Mid-Law Market

LexisNexis report, Mind the gap, shows that 85% of decision makers expect to grow over the next five years, thanks to key sectors like property and family, Here, Lexis Nexis Market Development Director, Jon Whittle diminishes the myth of the ‘squeezed middle’.

Progressive Vs Traditional

LexisNexis report, Mind the gap, shows 84% of decision-makers believe that their firm has a clear strategy for the future direction of the business, however lawyers have a different view. Lexis Nexis Market Development Director, Jon Whittle reveals what lawyers really think.

Client Satisfaction

LexisNexis, Mind the gap, report reveals a disconnect between decision makers and lawyers from mid-size law firms and their customers. Only 42% of customers surveyed felt that they received a good level of satisfaction from their law firm. LexisNexis Market Development Director, Jon Whittle discusses the key findings of the research report.