The LexisNexis GLP Index - Review your Firm

The GLP (Gross Legal Product) index is an evidence-based framework for evaluating growth and demand in the legal market, predicated on real world data.

Its aim is to provide a point of clarity amongst the market turbulence wrought by COVID-19. Unambiguous insights into demand for legal services that can help you identify opportunities for organic growth – and understand the practice areas in which the longer-term outlook remains challenging.

In this, the second release of the GLP Index, we want to give you the opportunity to evaluate your own firm’s performance during this extraordinary period.

By answering a short series of questions around your YTD performance, we’ll benchmark your firm’s success against the market, across all of your operating practice areas.

You’ll receive a personalised report which compares your performance against market trends and provides valuable longer-term statistical analysis based on the GLP’s data modelling.

We hope you find it useful to support your planning into 2021.

Assess your firm’s performance

Answer a series of short questions about your firm and your performance across your practice areas and receive a personalised report comparing your performance with market trends.

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