How will firm leaders need to shape their strategic thinking to best-leverage innovation and evolution that future-proofs businesses operations?

This report by the Judge Business School, commissioned by LexisNexis, hones in on improving capabilities amongst firms through the execution of transformational and evolutionary initiatives that underpin business operations and culture.

Out of necessity and stemming from the impact of COVID-19 on businesses, digital transformation has accelerated at an unprecedented pace. Estimates from senior partners revealed that ‘60-75% of innovation efforts have occurred across technology platforms and tools’ that enable firms to operate under current conditions and future-proof their firm.

What you get from this report:

  • Insights into trends and recommendations from partners and senior management around strategic planning

  • Learn how the top-50 UK law firms are embracing revolutionary technology that supports future growth

  • A view as to how firms are driving revenue-growth through the introduction of non-traditional offerings

  • How human expertise is being combined with technology to enhance capabilities across high-value activities