LexisNexis investigates the state of technology investment within Mid-sized law firms. Exploring opinions surrounding technology, Is Your Tech Smart highlights areas of development for Mid-sized law firms and examines the challenges facing decision makers. With a turbulent year ahead, Mid-sized law firms must rise to the challenge presented by a changing landscape, and adopt agile ways of working. Monitoring return on investment is a huge part of the new tech equation, as firms look to expand how they measure success to ensure they get the most out of their technology.

The question is: is your tech smart?

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How will our report help you?

Reimagining tech spend

How do you invest in tech intelligently? We examine the cult of tech adoption, dismantling the myth of the technological “silver bullet”. This report will enable you to refocus your tech strategy and make your budget go further.

Targeting investment

Examining where technology is most useful, Is Your Tech Smart? highlights everyday problems that can be remedied through the use of technology, empowering your fee earners to get back to the work they love to do.

Re-evaluating Return on Investment

Is Your Tech Smart? identifies new methods of measuring ROI to help mid-sized law firms tackle: talent retention, cyber security and competition management.

Solving the implementation problem

For some companies, the difference between tech being easy or difficult to implement is choosing the right or wrong tech. We offer insight driven solutions to complex organisational problems.

Measuring potential

Learn how monitoring Return on Investment can transform the power of your existing technology. Understanding key performance indicators will enable your tech to go further.

Tech can improve efficiency and ensure consistency of service, be more cost-effective, can meet the clients’ expectations, and it can ensure that the input from lawyers does add value and that the clients appreciate the lawyers.