With efficient working processes and better holistic practices in the workplace, is the future of the legal market going to be in small law firms?

Despite numerous challenges, the legal market is in a period where confidence in the future of law firms’ reigns. This is especially true for small firms, with many solicitors either looking to move to small firms or, having already moved, and extolling their virtues. With efficient working processes, holistic practices in the workplace and a more focused approach to client servicing and the quality of legal service provided is the future of law small?

Our findings from the Bellwether Report 2019: Is the Future Small? told us:

Is the future brighter for Small Law firms?

2 in 3 solicitors surveyed have worked in medium or top tier law firms in the past, so we ask what makes small firms attractive to solicitors? Is it a career choice that solicitors actively pursue, or is it a choice of convenience considering how many of them are in the market?

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