Increase the influence and impact of your legal team

More regulation, increasingly complex supply chains, an acceleration of new technologies, the growing influence of public opinion and most recently, the coronavirus pandemic – has thrust legal teams to the forefront of their organisations. More than two thirds of general counsels have a business-related financial KPI. 86% of GCs sit on, or report into, the board*.

It’s evident that legal is becoming a strategic asset, not just an assurance function.

LexisNexis and Cranfield School of Business identified key activities that create true value and increase the influence and impact of the legal team.

In this report we revisit the drivers and explore how a definite shift has taken place in the approach of legal teams in the activities undertaken in each stage of the framework, highlighting practical approaches based on peer insight.

Key topics covered:

Value Framework:

The five value drivers for legal teams developed in partnership with Cranfield Business School of Management

Quantifying Value:

The metrics used to demonstrate the contribution of the legal team

GC as Ethical Champion:

The role of legal teams in driving cultural change and securing long-term commercial success

Taking Action:

Best practice peer insights highlighting practical approaches and recommendations

*Demonstrating value. Making the intangible, tangible. LexisNexis In-house Insights Report

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