Introducing the Tech-Enabled Lawyer: The evolution of the legal function

The LexisNexis annual survey of legal teams looks at the growing trends in the in-house legal market.

Our latest report highlights 5 macro trends driving digital transformation and more significantly – a new kind of lawyer emerging. The Tech-Enabled Lawyer.

Key findings:

Four fifths of legal teams intend increasing adoption of tech in the next 5 years; with legal teams noticeably more confident in their digital capabilities

Legal teams are invested in being able to access valuable data to improve effectiveness, productivity and reporting – 84% state that the ability to surface data insights is a must-have functionality from technology vendors

53% of in-house counsel spend too much time doing repetitive low-value tasks and 51% too much time reviewing documents – up from 32% just 3 years ago

59% of in-house counsel list lack of time as a key barrier to tech adoption while 63% admit they have given no special attention to legal operations

62% agreed or strongly agreed that legal teams will continue to grow as more work takes place in-house

Introducing the age of the Tech-enabled In-house Lawyer

In-house legal teams have transitioned into high-functioning, commercial-savvy legal assets, there to help propel the business forward. This transition is accelerating – driven by technology.

As we see a new age of in-house counsel develop, our report identifies five characteristics that make up the Tech-Enabled Lawyer:

Amendment highlighter Agility
Amendment highlighter Collaboration
Amendment highlighter Innovation
Amendment highlighter Resilience
Amendment highlighter Growth-mindset

Find out how legal teams are evolving – and the emergence of the Tech-Enabled Lawyer.

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