Cybersecurity: How best to protect your organisation

With the complexities involved, proactively mitigating risk related to cybersecurity can be challenging and time consuming. It is now a question of "when" an organisation will experience a breach or cyberattack.

One in three in-house counsel have experienced a data breachŦ and 43% of businesses have experienced cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months^.

It is crucial to be able to deal with a cybersecurity incident in such a way that financial and reputational damage to the company is kept to a minimum. In some instances, the crisis can even be used to enhance a company’s reputation and build on brand equity. Here a robust prevention strategy and effective response plan is critical.

Our cybercrime and cyber security – compliance checklist is designed to help you determine whether you have the systems in place to deal with cybercrime.

Areas covered:

  • Cybercrime prevention - ensure you have the correct policies, stakeholders and prevention in place for cybercrime

  • Incident management - ensure you have the correct procedures in place should you experience a cyber security attack

  • Corporate finance transactions (law firms and professional services providers) - ensure all potential cyber security breaches have been considered

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Ŧ Mobile PwC Law Firms’ Survey 2017
^ Public and law firm money at risk as regulator reports cyber theft at peak levels news release, SRA, July 2017

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That’s the difference. You’re really getting at that wider picture beyond pure data protection law, privacy law etc. And it means that we’re more self-sufficient, which is great.

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