Know your panel is adequately prepared

Law firms are identified as one of the most vulnerable for cyberattacks.

  • 60% of law firms reported an information security incident in the last year (2017), up from 42% in 2014*.
  • Over £11 million of client money was stolen due to cybercrime in 2016-17^.

With the ultimate responsibility of effectively mitigating legal risk, being confident that your panel can protect your sensitive business information and handle significant funds on your behalf is essential.

Download and send our Information and cyber security supplier questionnaire to your panel to give you peace of mind they have appropriate information and cyber security controls in place.

Areas covered:

  • Governance – identify stakeholders ultimately responsible for all aspects of cybersecurity

  • Security policies and procedures - identify measures and policies to protect against cybercrime

  • Employees and contractors - identify relevant employee check policies

  • Compliance record - identify if relevant checks are being made on contractors and third party appointments

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That’s the difference. You’re really getting at that wider picture beyond pure data protection law, privacy law etc. And it means that we’re more self-sufficient, which is great.

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