Harness the full value of legal tech

The recent explosion of the legal technology market and proliferation of tools marketed with buzz-words such as artificial intelligence has resulted in a need for greater clarity on which solutions are being used successfully by legal departments to deliver the promised returns.

Our report “Legal Technology: Looking past the hype”, which surveyed 130 senior counsel including 20 qualitative interviews, provides an exploration into in-house lawyers’ attitudes towards technology.

We reveal how other legal departments are approaching, using and benefiting from new and trusted technologies and identify where to focus effort that has a proven track record of delivering improvement and value.

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Key topics covered:

Current investment landscape:

Legal technologies being used by in-house teams

Extracting added-value:

The role of panel firms and legal service providers

Taking action:

Key principles to promote positive returns from available and future technologies

In-house Legal Tech Model

Learn where your legal department is positioned. Download the report to access the profile assessment tool.

In-house Legal Tech Model

In-house legal departments are increasingly being challenged by their CEOs and CFOs. We have to align to corporate strategies, provide greater oversight and management of legal risk with either the same or even less resource – this is where technology can play a role.