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A TED-style presentation by Sophie Carter, Head of Legal and Company Secretary at Christie’s

Today, in-house counsel take a proactive stance to add value and are prepared to shape and challenge at the highest level how their business carries out its aims. This requires a delicate balance between effective risk management and facilitating competitive advantage.

Watch how the legal department at Christie’s align the legal strategy to business risk

Sophie Carter, Global Head of Legal and Company Secretary at Christie’s, speaks on what risk and strategy really means to her business, the importance of aligning legal and the business and the foundations needed to achieve this.

“As a legal department, yes we have to look at strategic direction…but we also have to bear in mind those fundamentals…reputation and client trust.”

Legal as active influencers of risk appetite

Moreover, Sophie shares why she firmly believes that legal must be active influencers to defining risk appetite using the unique challenges faced by Christie’s to highlight why this role is critical.

For Sophie, the role of the legal department is not a passive one of “this is what the business wants, this is how we align”. Rather, when it comes to the risk appetite of the business, it is more of a discussion and it is essential that in-house counsel actively influence the risk appetite.

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