LexisNexis have been a trusted partner in the legal market for over 200 years. While the world has changed immeasurably over the past two centuries, our dedication to providing you with market leading information solutions that advance the practice of law has not changed.

Our understanding of the legal profession has helped us innovate our content to offer you an extensive and in-depth range of solutions that enable you to stay up to date with changes and access underlying law when required.

For independent legal professionals, small to mid-size law firms and sole practitioners, LexisNexis covers over 35 specialist areas of law, with online products priced and tailored to suit your business needs. Find with ease what you're looking for - whether you're trying to keep up with what's happening in your practice area, track down a precedent, or back up your argument with legal authority, our range of practice areas will keep you on top of the new developments, allow you to work more efficiently, and ensure you're getting things right.

Our solutions are supported by an in-house legal team with extensive experience in practice and dedicated to producing authoritative content for busy practitioners. We have built and continue to develop our content with the assistance of leading experts in the field, ensuring that you can trust our guidance.

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Quickly find up-to-date guidance on points of law and then easily pull up sources to support your advice.


Answer your clients questions rapidly and confidently with the most up-to-date and authoritative legal information available.


Draft documents faster and with greater accuracy and free up time to do higher value legal work.

LexisSmart Forms

Download and fill out legal forms more easily, then share them without hassle.

Practice Management

The essential online toolkit for firms, aimed at those people who run the business side of law firms. Clear, concise practice notes by leading experts spell out exactly what good management looks like.

Practice Compliance

An online service designed to make risk and compliance easier to manage, whatever the size of your firm.