Following on from May’s Bellwether One: The Art of Success, our second market research report for 2017 ‘Bellwether Report: The Race to Evolve’ has just been published. It takes the temperature of a legal profession on the cusp of major change – the calm before the storm when present meets future, and tomorrow’s technology becomes today’s must-have.

We explore how small law firms are tackling the pressures of change in the profession-wide race to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to client-centric, forward-thinking, efficient service.

Topics Include:

  • The dividing line: efficiency

  • How to drive efficiency

  • Tech: the inevitable frontier

  • Catch up or give up

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Do you believe in the power of technology?

Key areas of research.

The dividing line: efficiency

Lawyers consider pricing clarity to be of primary significance, further highlighting the deep divides between the expectations of clients and the assumptions of lawyers.

How to drive efficiency

There’s a disconnect between what lawyers believe makes them efficient, and their willingness to change and invest in efficiency measures

Technology: the inevitable frontier

Lawyers may not be ‘well-adapted’ to change, but that’s no longer an excuse – in today’s market, technology is not just necessary, it’s inevitable.

Catch up or give up

With lawyers acknowledging that the service they provide needs to improve, the time has come to make a change – it’s now or never.

The art of

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The riddle of

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The age of
the client

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It doesn’t take long to spot the lawyers who aren’t being quite so efficient. They don’t get the same level of positive feedback from the clients.