The Bellwether Report 2018: The Culture Clash – Solicitor Confidence vs Client Power reported that 87% of solicitors surveyed were confident about the future of their law firm, alongside the acknowledgment of the existence of the same challenges. However, despite perceptions about the future holding optimistically steady, the profession has undergone tremendous change in recent years, evolving more quickly than the mindsets of some practitioners.

Seven out of 10 firms said that they actively embrace change, and those firms who do will not only weather the upcoming industry-wide changes, but get ahead of the competition in the process. Now is the moment to tackle the changes and challenges facing your business and be fit for the future.

Why can’t that be you?

That’s our aim at LexisNexis. To help you overcome your challenges and provide you with practical guidance, legal resources, news and analysis, commercial and professional development tools – everything you need to succeed as a lawyer and a business owner and stay ahead of the curve. Find with ease what you're looking for with LexisNexis solutions, that give you the knowledge and the expert tools for life at the speed of a lawyer.

How we can help:

  • Practical guidance to speed up your legal research

    Lexis®PSL helps you manage your workflows by speeding up process-intensive work. Our layered approach to research gives you more control over when and how you access the level of information you need where simple questions lead to overviews, whilst more complex questions lead to practice notes or commentary and the related section of legislation which is all written by our experts.

  • Authoritative, up-to-date and exclusive content to inform your legal research

    All our guidance comes with direct links to the underlying case law and authority in Lexis®Library, the UK’s most authoritative and comprehensive legal library, which includes Halsbury’s Laws of England, Atkins Court Forms and Encyclopaedia of the Forms and Precedents.

  • LexisAsk

    Our expert Lawyers will help you find the answer to a question you might be not able to answer simply by using our LexisAsk service.

  • Increase productivity and accuracy with Lexis Draft legal contract drafting software

    Lexis® Draft lets you quickly create first drafts of commonly used precedents, and check, validate or proofread the content of new and existing documents.

  • Training, support and customer service

    We’re always praised for our training, support and customer service. LexisNexis Help service is available 24 hours a day for all online support and time-saving resources including videos, user guides and top tips.

  • Take as much or as little as you need

    Our ‘pick and mix’ pricing model allows you to choose which practice area modules you want.

LexisPSL pulls everything together in topics and subject areas, which is more practical from a day to day point of view. Also, because you’re searching within a specific practice area and subtopic, all of the results tend to be quite relevant. So it’s much quicker to find what you’re looking for.