Facing an unprecedented level of price pressure, from the increase in price-driven clients behaviour to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority Transparency Rules

Our latest ‘Bellwether Discussion Paper 2019: The Changing Face of Law’ found that almost three-quarters of solicitors felt undermined by price-driven consumer behaviours from clients, but still think price is the least important facet of the legal relationship.

How can the legal profession stop the chasm opening up between the opposing values of law firms and clients to retain quality and integrity of legal service while remaining competitive in this rapidly changing marketplace?

Topics Include:

Is consumerism impacting the practice of the law?

Almost three-quarters of solicitors surveyed have experienced consumerist behaviours from their clients and is perceived to undermine and compromise their ability to provide the best practice.

Is price a determining factor?

Solicitors believe that a significant portion of their business is won purely on price rather than on expertise.

Publishing prices: opportunity or threat?

The legal market is divided with 29% of solicitors embracing publishing prices, and a slim majority of 32% rejecting the move.

A communication problem

Solicitors stress experience and complexity when explaining costs to their clients, even though they don’t think clients value the latter.

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The SRA is just doing these things to kick the hornet’s nest and get a reaction.

I’ve been thinking about how this would impact me and I quite like the idea. I think the advantage would be that I could take on a role that was a bit more flexible.

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