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Cut through the noise

Commercial awareness isn't just a buzz word. Developing it will help you to further your legal career. Find out how in our guide.

Research, review, sleep, repeat

Building and maintaining commercial awareness means understanding what is happening in the market and the legal impacts. Make it part of your routine to listen to a podcast or read an article on an industry topic that interests you.

Learn the

To become fluent in commercial awareness, it’s crucial to understand the jargon. Create a glossary of terms from your research and look up anything you’re unsure of. You’ll develop your understanding and feel confident when discussing the issues.

Appreciate the
big picture

Track stories over time so that you can understand the full picture. One issue can seem unrelated to another, but when you start to analyse them and the industries involved over time, you can make connections.

Stay in
the know

Use our wealth of online resources to stay informed on the latest hot topics. From our industry specific blogs, to the Current Awareness and News tabs within LexisLibrary, we have content that will keep you in the know.