The Bar has seen constant changes in the last few years to the way it practices with direct access, legal aid cuts and digitisation of courts. With all this change we wanted to know how this has impacted their practice, how they feel about the future and how we futureproof the Bar for years to come.

We asked barristers to take part in our survey and we have published the findings in our report ‘A Brave New Bar’. Respondents told us:

The Bar is facing real challenges: falling fees, rising costs and growing competition for fewer cases. However, for those ready to rethink and reshape their practice, there are real opportunities for growth. Opportunities like diversifying into new practice areas or overseas work, taking on more Direct Access, or devoting more time, money and energy to things like marketing and business development could positively impact the practice growth. These traditionally fall outside their comfort zone, which makes us wonder: is it time for barristers to rethink and reshape their practice?

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