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    New edition of Erskine May: Parliamentary Practice has been published on LexisLibrary for the first time

    • The 25th edition of the eponymous guide to parliamentary practice and procedure provides accurate and detailed information on the constituent parts of Parliament, its powers and jurisdictions, membership of either House, financial procedure and the process of debate.
    • The new edition covers the raft of changes since the last edition in 2011, including the procedures in both Houses for the scrutiny and approval of the transposition of EU law into UK law, a new chapter on ‘English votes for English Laws’ and the new financial timetable introduced in 2017.

    LexisLibrary: Erskine May Parliamentary Practice

    Landlord and Tenant (Social Housing) vol 24(1) (2019 Reissue) has been fully revised

    LANDLORD AND TENANT (SOCIAL HOUSING) (2019 Reissue) has been fully revised to take account of all changes in the law and practice since the previous edition. It is aimed at providing a comprehensive commentary and set of precedents for practitioners in social housing.

    The volume deals with public sector housing provided by local authorities and other public bodies, and with housing provided by private registered providers (formerly called registered social landlords and often just called housing associations).

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    This title recognises the use by private registered providers of private sector funding from banks and building societies. It also includes a revised section on development as land transactions have become more creative, in particular those involving a number of registered social landlords.

    New mandatory grounds relating to the right to obtain possession in cases of anti-social behaviour have also been introduced by the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 and are considered.

    The right to buy, the preserved right to buy and the right to acquire — the three, confusingly similar, statutory codes under which the tenants of social landlords may be able to buy their homes — are comprehensively dealt with. Major change in relation to the right to buy and associated rights occurred in Wales in January 2019 when the right to buy and associated rights were abolished in accordance with the Abolition of the Right to Buy and Associated Rights (Wales) Act 2018.

    LexisLibrary: Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents

    Publication of Sea and Continental Shelf 2nd Reissue

    The title has been fully revised and updated in particular to cover the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 and the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010 which introduced signi´Čücant changes to the way in which marine activities are managed in Scottish waters and provide the key pillars of the domestic legal framework, giving effect to the international commitments incumbent on the United Kingdom in this respect.

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    This title is one of the only narrative treatments of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

    Location: Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia

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    We have 12 new webinars for June.

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    Green Finance (2019)



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    Demonstrating the ROI of your department (2019)


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    Effective branding for law firms (2019)


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    (LIVE) Brexit, Vnuk and Road Traffic Accidents (2019)


    Personal Skills

    Presenting and public speaking (2019)


    Private Client Tax

    Residential nil rate band (RNRB) update (2019)


    Private Client Tax

    International private clients and offshore tax (2019)


    VAT and Indirect Tax

    Rates of SDLT (2019)


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