Increase productivity and accuracy with Lexis Draft legal contract drafting software

Lexis Draft is a Microsoft Word toolbar that helps you draft faster and more efficiently. It checks for inconsistencies in documents, flags areas that need your attention and links directly to your LexisNexis services without leaving Word—saving you time. Create accurate, clear and error-free documents for your clients with confidence.

Proofread documents up to 70% faster

Lexis Draft gives you an instant summary of items in your document that require attention so you can speed through your proofreading and focus on more valuable legal work.

Ensure quality, consistency and accuracy across documents

Lexis Draft identifies and helps you easily resolve issues with defined terms to ensure accuracy, consistency and completeness across your documents. Quickly fix inconsistent phraseology and eliminate ambiguity.

Give your documents a professional finish

Lexis Draft helps you quickly spot and fix stylistic, spacing or numbering issues that can easily be overlooked, ensuring your documents are always highly polished.

Meet rising client expectations more easily

Are your clients wanting more for less? Lexis Draft makes it easier to feel confident in the quality of your documents, so you can focus on adding value for your clients.

Save time when drafting and checking documents

Integrates with Lexis®Library and Lexis®PSL – available via subscription – allowing you to quickly access citations and precedents directly from within Word, saving you time.

Work with the tools you know

Lexis Draft runs as a toolbar in Microsoft Word so you can proof your drafts without switching programs. It can also check definitions across multiple documents simultaneously to save you time.

No steep learning curve

94% of surveyed users describe Lexis Draft as easy to use so you can get up-to-speed and on with your work rapidly.

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Tightly integrated with Lexis®PSL and Lexis®Library

Quickly access precedents in LexisPSL and ensure your citations are accurate through LexisLibrary content.


LexisPSL provides up-to-date practical guidance from specialist solicitors and barristers so you can work more efficiently and provide advice with confidence.


LexisLibrary provides up-to-date information, resources and expert opinion from established names such as Butterworths, Tolley and Halsbury’s so you can have complete confidence in the advice you provide.

“There’ve only been two times that I can recall where we’ve introduced a product that made people smile. One was the iPhone—the other was Lexis Draft.”

— Donald Munro, Partner, Harper Macleod
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