What is Lexis Create?

Lexis Create lets you create the perfect legal document every time.

It is a tool within the Microsoft environment that pulls together all the legal content, tools and calculators you need to create brilliant legal documents the first time.

Why use Lexis Create?

Supercharge your legal writing and maintain focus with everything you need in one place.

Work Smarter

Why reinvent your legal masterpiece?

Easily find and reuse the clauses you and your colleagues have already written and insert with one click. When you need inspiration, access the huge LexisNexis database of precedents and clauses.

Work collaboratively

Delegate different parts of legal document creation to team members to complete.

Client readiness at a click

Once your work is done, Lexis Create does a final sweep to ensure your work is client‐ready. Instantly use digital signatures to optimise the client experience.

Everything you need in the Microsoft environment

Avoid disruptions to your workflow. Everything you need to build the perfect legal document is all in one place.

Reduce Risk

No more calculator errors

Is this a leap year? Is it gross or net? The built-in calculators will check your dates and numbers.

Legal proofread at speed

Review and refine your document for the small mistakes that could cause big problems. Detect inconsistencies in definitions, numbering and formatting.

Citation checker

Automatically check the legal status of citations. Select and insert an alternative, if needed.

Need to redact sensitive information?

Save or disclose documents safe in the knowledge that Lexis Create will efficiently remove the risk of displaying personal or confidential information.

The Lexis Create difference

End to end — no matter what you are working on, Lexis Create will help you build, check and complete documents.

Use the latest law

Validate your citations against the UK’s largest legal database, ensuring you are always using the most up‐to‐date law.

Works intuitively within Microsoft

The clean, simple interface makes it easy to focus on your work. Everything you need is within the familiar Microsoft environment.

Dedicated customer support

We offer free onboarding and 24/7 customer support. Contact us to learn more about the types of support available to you throughout the lifetime of our partnership with you.

Seamless integration with LexisNexis legal intelligence products

Direct links to the underlying law or practical guidance on how to apply it.


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