Lexis®Library offers the widest range of academic legal journals in the UK for more productive research

    We’ve licensed an extensive range of journals from key academic publishers across the UK and Europe to provide academics and students with the information they need to research and study effectively.

    LexisLibrary offers:

    • 124 full-text UK law journals – the broadest range of UK legal journals available online
    • Access to complete or extensive archives as well as the latest issues
    • Pagination throughout academic journals to aid citing articles

    In addition, we have preferred supplier relationships with Oxford University Press and Emerald Insight to provide you with access to their high-quality publications.

    How to share journal articles:

    The following examples have been taken from: Responsibility without Consciousness – Oxford J Legal Studies (2016) 36 (2): 219

    Create a stable link to a journal article in LexisLibrary using the ‘Share link’ function at the bottom of a document (see below).

    Once you have clicked on that link, a pop-up box will appear containing a permanent hyperlink to the article. Right-click to open a dialog box and choose ‘Copy link address’ to copy and insert the link into your research or teaching materials.

    If you do not have an open session in LexisLibrary when you click on a link, you will be asked to log on as normal. Once logged on, the next thing you will see is the relevant article.

        UK Law Journals

        The complete list of UK journals available to academic customers is available as a downloadable PDF.