Free access to the law

With teams demanding more flexible and hybrid ways of working, are they set up to maximise and service the predicted legal boom? Give them access to the tools that will make a difference.

Why use LexisPSL?

LexisPSL speeds up all aspects of legal work. The practical guidance is linked directly to the original source legislation, saving you time and effort.

Save time

Effortless search

With advanced search filters you can quickly find the information you need.

Layered content

From simple overviews to detailed guidance, all LexisPSL content has one-click access to source legislation.

Reduce repetition

Access a huge range of checklists, precedents and flowcharts, speeding up every day work.

Reduce risk

Advise with certainty

All content is written and reviewed by panels of leading lawyers and barristers.

Always up to date

Always know you are using the most up-to-date sources with content reviewed and updated daily.

Delegate with confidence

Step-by-step guides make it simple for newly qualified lawyers and junior staff to add value.

Why use LexisLibrary?

LexisLibrary gives quick and comprehensive access to UK law, allowing you to save time and work smarter.

Save time

Access from anywhere

Easily search the UK’s largest legal database, including ICLR Reports from home.

All the law

Access texts such as the All England Law Reports, Halsbury’s Laws of England and Atkins Court Forms.

Find what you need

The focused search helps you to find the legislation you need and all related cases.

Reduce risk

Research with confidence

LexisLibrary’s traffic light system shows if legislation or cases are in force or under review.

Stay up to date

Email alerts will immediately inform you of legislation changes.

Support your team

Research is easy for all levels of experience, with guided introductions, commentary and annotations.

Only LexisNexis provides access to the All England Law Reports, Halsbury’s Laws of England, Atkins Court Forms, Harvey on Industrial Relations and Employment Law, Blackstone’s Criminal Practice and The Red Book.

LexisPSL covers 35 areas of the law

The LexisNexis difference

Just having the best tools isn’t always enough. At LexisNexis, we will always go the extra mile to help you.

Free onboarding

Every customer gets free onboarding training for all users.

COVID toolkit

A single place to check all COVID news, practical guidance and Q&As.

Dedicated support

Questions? We are just a phone call away.

Flexible payment terms

After your complimentary access, we will give you flexible payment terms that work for you.