LexisNexis® Primary Law Initiative


Promoting access to the law. Promoting the rule of law.

The LexisNexis® Primary Law Initiative provides access to up-to-date primary sources to the government, the legal profession and the general public.

Why the LexisNexis Primary Law Initiative?

  • Establishes a vital foundation to any programme for improving transparency, accountability and the rule of law
  • Creates a platform to support future law revision and reform
  • Helps to avoid unnecessary wastage of time and money
  • Ensures legal practitioners have got up-to-date primary law sources at their fingertips
  • Empowers citizens to understand and participate in the legislative process
  • Gives confidence to investors

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“With this Revised Edition in place it can now be made available to serve the needs of our people; our Parliamentarians, Court systems, Judicial and Legal Officers, the Legal Profession and the wider public thus ensuring transparency, good governance and accountability… May the Revised Edition contribute to the advancement of the case of the justice in Grenada.”

Honourable Tillman Thomas
Former Prime Minister and Minister of Legal Affairs, Grenada

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 400 2878

What’s the Primary Law Initiative?

While many countries now easily access legislation and jurisprudence at the click of a mouse, reliable and efficient access to up-to-date and properly indexed research material still seems a long way off for others.

In this era of law reform and harmonisation, the need to make definitive, up-to-date editions of legislation and significant court decisions widely accessible is more pressing than ever. Without such resources in place, the government, the legal profession and the general public have no certainty as to the content or application of the law, bringing huge challenges to the fair and efficient administration of justice and concerns amongst would-be investors.

The LexisNexis Primary Law Initiative is a partnership with the government of the client state to bring professional editorial and publishing skills to a project to consolidate, revise and publish its laws and, if desired, the jurisprudence of the state’s courts.