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We work with Government to make your nation’s laws more accessible and user friendly to government employees, legal practitioners, investors and, most important of all, the people. We can consolidate, and with a strict editorial mandate, revise and index your laws, publish them in print and electronic formats and continuously update them.

What is the difference between a consolidated edition and a revised edition of laws?

  • Consolidation: A consolidation is simply a revised version of a law incorporating all the amendments made to it. An edition of consolidated laws therefore allows a researcher to view any piece of legislation in its most up-to-date form. To see a flow chart explaining the consolidation process in detail, visit: www.lexisnexis.co.uk/primary-law/overview
  • Revision: The production of a consolidated edition of a nation’s laws and often incorporating a more intensive editorial process aimed at eradicating small drafting, typographical or printing errors, reconciling inconsistencies, simplifying and modernising the phraseology of the laws, pruning away obsolete laws and provisions and generally improving their arrangement and form. To see a flow chart explaining the revision process in detail, visit: www.lexisnexis.co.uk/primary-law/overview

Whilst a project to consolidate and revise years or even decades worth of legislation and amendments can seem daunting in size, LexisNexis specialises in managing challenging large-scale publishing projects, thanks to a seamless process.

Once the initial consolidation and revision work has been completed, we can consolidate or revise your legislation and deliver a new revised edition of laws often within matter of months. With a revision, our experienced editors will help the government to identify and remove errors and inconsistencies in the text of legislation, or even legislation that is entirely obsolete. Our publishing solutions create a quality print or electronic research publication that is easy and intuitive to use in various format.


We work with Governments, Judges, Law Societies and Bar Associations to make the decisions of courts accessible to legal practitioners and the general public. This not only helps to provide clarity on the law, but can also help to eliminate the possibility of summary justice being delivered without all relevant legal provisions being properly considered by a court. It is also informative of the grounds on which a decision might be appealed.

We welcome law report publishing projects either on a stand-alone basis, or in conjunction with a consolidation or revision of statute law. Typically, a senior judge, or panel of judges, will select the most significant judgments handed down by the nation’s higher courts in a given period and work alongside LexisNexis during the editorial process to ensure that accurate and user-friendly headnotes and indices are added.

Our case law publishing solution creates a quality print or online product that is easy and intuitive to use and is available in various formats.

If there exists a significant body of case law in one specific area of law or industry (Oil & Gas, Mining or Banking, for example), there may also be an opportunity to publish selections of that case law in individual subject-based editions.


Once the initial consolidation and revision work has been completed, we can provide annual updates of legislation in the form of bound service editions or annual supplements (sets of pages to be inserted into existing loose leaf editions of the laws). Maintaining editions of laws in this way is considerably cheaper than conducting periodic large scale law revision exercises. Regular maintenance also ensures that law reform projects can be conducted with the minimum of difficulty.