Provident Financial Group (PFG) is a FTSE 250 company, established in 1880, which is a specialist lender for the 12 million UK adults not served by mainstream credit companies. The company serves 2.3 million people through credit cards, vehicle finance and personal loans, and employs almost 4,865 staff across the UK.

PFG has a sizeable in-house legal team, comprising 16 SRA registered solicitors and other support staff. They have been using LexisNexis since 2019 for a range of legal work, including commercial contracts, financial services, employment and property.

Transition to LexisNexis

Bilal Mohammad is a Group Solicitor and Acting Head of Commercial Contracts at Provident Financial Group. When he joined, he was keen to make LexisNexis products available for his team, initially at one of the company’s divisions - Vanquis Bank - and later throughout the company.

“When I joined Provident Financial Group, having used LexisNexis in my previous role in private practice, I subscribed to LexisNexis within 6-7 months and introduced it to the team originally on a temporary basis. Colleagues at Vanquis Bank had already moved onto a full subscription and I was keen for the wider Provident Financial Group Legal and Company Secretarial team to use LexisNexis products. At the time, we also had subscriptions to other legal services competitor products but have since the start of 2021, transitioned the entire Provident Financial Group (Vanquis Bank, Provident Financial plc and Moneybarn) completely to LexisNexis products.”

Ideal for financial services

Aside from the competitive pricing offered by LexisNexis, one of the key factors driving the decision for PFG to move to LexisNexis was its strength in financial services law. LexisPSL has a dedicated financial services hub, which includes sections on regulatory matters, risk management, consumer credit, key developments and horizon scanning.

"You have the financial services regulation module, which provides all the legal books, the commentaries and all the other useful stuff needed by financial services lawyers. You just have to open up PSL, look up financial services and it’s all there at your fingertips."

With LexisNexis, it’s seamless

Bilal finds the integration of LexisPSL with LexisLibrary particularly useful, as it ensures that all the relevant legal research can be done in one place, without having to switch between different platforms or resources.

“With LexisNexis, it’s all on one platform with one login. You just scroll down and you have LexisPSL and LexisLibrary and they both inter-link with each other. It’s just seamless and we like that.”

Bilal has also been pleasantly surprised with some of the additional content from LexisNexis, such as the in-house advisor module. Furthermore, the LexisNexis webinars have been extremely welcome during the series of COVID-19 lockdowns, particularly amongst junior lawyers at PFG.

Excellent customer service

Bilal has been impressed with the high level of customer service and account management they have received from LexisNexis. Responses to any queries have been swift and helpful, no matter how big or small the matter.

“General customer service has been amazing - I think you did a fantastic job and your response rate was amazing. Everything we’ve asked for or had queries about you guys have come back promptly. Our account manager has been extremely helpful. Whatever we have asked for, he has been there, even when we’ve had basic account queries like users forgetting their login details.”

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