An established common law set since 1965, Oriel Chambers provide tailored, specialist legal services and advocacy at the local, regional and national level. With a physical presence in Liverpool and Preston, Oriel Chambers has links and clients across the UK.

Having moved completely online, Oriel Chambers’ members have full access to LexisLibrary. The products have helped them to stay on top of the latest developments in each practice area, without having to rely on printed material, which is sometimes already out of date by the time it goes to press.

Moving away from physical libraries

Nick O’Neill Oriel Chambers Director is responsible for the Chambers’ operational and strategic management. He joined Oriel Chambers after a successful career as a litigation solicitor and over the last decade has worked exclusively in the field of legal practice management.

Although Nick notes that Oriel Chambers has a “beautiful library with lots of delightful books” he recognised the need to move things online, as “you cannot physically in this day and age manage a paper library, unless you have the resources to throw at it.” Because LexisNexis is automatically updated, there is no need for Chambers to divert resources (including pupil barristers) to update physical copies of books.

Reducing the potential risks of outdated information

One of the key benefits of access to LexisLibrary over a physical library is the fact that it’s updated automatically. Aside from saving on resources, this crucially reduces the risk of barristers relying on out-of-date information when providing advice.

“Once you explain the reduction of risk, barristers are on board straight away. Because, if one particular tome in a physical library isn't updated, and this causes them to miss a change in the law, a barrister can be faced with a myriad of problems.”

It’s a no-brainer

As a seasoned legal practice manager, Nick has concluded that switching from a paper to digital library saves both time and money in the long run. Not only is a subscription to LexisLibrary more cost effective than maintaining a physical library, but there are time savings in terms of the logistics of accessing information. Although there is some initial extra cost during the transition period, once everyone has adapted the benefits become clear.

“You're saving time in having to physically go to a library, as well as managing printed material. So, the cost benefit analysis is a no‑brainer.”

Attuned to the needs of clients

There is often a reluctance to move from traditional offline resources to an online way of working. However, Nick found that the customer engagement professionals at LexisNexis were able to help everyone move across to an online environment with ease.

“In my previous roles, what I found with LexisNexis is that your people are very attuned to the needs of your client base. Your customer engagement manager assisted our people to use the products effectively, providing valuable training and helping to engender change within our business. She was brilliant in the way she slowly brought everyone round to the solution.”

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