Mark Alex Flowers is the founder and partner of Mark Alex Flowers, a firm of commercial attorneys and barristers based in The Bahamas. He uses LexisNexis to help him provide robust advice and representation for his clients.

Staying on top of the latest judgments

Mark makes use of both LexisPSL and LexisLibrary to stay up to date, conduct legal research and ensure that he is aware of any specific legal issues which are relevant to his clients. He finds it particularly helpful to read the commentary provided by other legal practitioners.

“I use LexisPSL and LexisLibrary to conduct research, understand key movements in the law as they relate to relevant practice areas, and to read commentary by practitioners that highlight lacunas in the law addressed by recent decisions.”

“LexisNexis' text resources, in my opinion, are the most comprehensive on the market.”

A user-friendly product

Mark finds LexisNexis products very easy to navigate. Some of the most valuable features of LexisPSL for him are the templates and the practice area summary guidance that links to key decisions in each area and subcategory. The various different elements are all neatly incorporated to form part of a comprehensive and cohesive overall product.

“The text resources, in my opinion, are the most comprehensive on the market; they intertwine procedure with practical note guidance, drafting templates, flow charts and footnotes to the relevant decisions. These features are compartmentalized into user-friendly templates that span important areas of commercial practice.”

Saving valuable time

The commentary features on LexisLibrary are particularly useful for Mark, especially when there is a dearth of case law in any specific area. More generally, he has found that access to LexisNexis has helped him to improve the robustness of legal advice provided to clients, and reduced the time taken for case preparation.

“LexisNexis has allowed me to research novel points of law arising out of primary legislation and regulations that would otherwise have been cumbersome or difficult to navigate. Some areas have very little case law and, as such, the commentary becomes very important. The overall effect of LexisNexis has been to produce more robust advice on the client-side and expansive submissions to the adjudicative tribunals. Since purchasing LexisNexis, I can complete, for example, one application including all drafting and skeleton arguments, within half the time due to the suite of resources being readily available; this becomes particularly important for urgent ex parte matters.”

All-in-one research tool

LexisNexis pulls together a whole panoply of legal resources, providing everything in one place. As well as reducing the time it would take to work with separate stand-alone products, it also means that information can be accessed at any time from any location, without the physical constraints of law libraries.

“If I weren’t using the LexisNexis products, I would have to combine multiple resource bases for research, including in the traditional Supreme Court library and other libraries, as well as alternative electronic platforms; I would also have to use bespoke precedents for drafting. Depending on the resource base, using these functions may take more time. There are advantages in using LexisNexis in this respect, including ease of access.”

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