Keidan Harrison, formed in May 2020, is a boutique firm based in the City, dedicated to disputes and insolvency work. In addition to two partners, they have three associates, with another joining in April 2021. They are expecting further growth through lateral hires at both senior and fee earner level.

Having set up during the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm has been faced with the challenges of managing a team remotely and keeping up morale during the lockdowns. But their investment in Lexis®PSL and Lexis®Library has helped them to weather the storm and grow their firm.

Ideal for litigators

Having tried alternative products at a previous firm, co-founding partner Luke Tucker Harrison decided to opt for the suite of resources from LexisNexis, not only on the basis of being better value for money, but also because he considers it to be particularly suitable for litigators.

“Litigators prefer LexisNexis as it really helps with the ‘real law’.”

Saving time and providing confidence

When conducting research, Luke generally starts off with LexisPSL to get an initial steer, then moves on to LexisLibrary to drill down into the primary sources and underlying statutes. He finds that the combination of these two resources not only saves time for the firm but also reduces the risk of inaccuracies.

“We need things to be as accurate as possible at the first check, to save time and provide confidence. We are generally very pleased with the accuracy and quality of the resources from LexisNexis.”

Intelligent search

Luke is impressed at how much the relevance of search results on LexisPSL has improved over the last couple of decades. He finds the ability to filter by practice notes or to draft a document helpful, and the practice notes containing case studies save valuable time for practicing litigators.

“Litigators don’t actually have the time to read long judgments, so having the overview in the form of case studies is useful, as it points you in the right direction and can also be provided to barristers.”

A boon for remote working

Since the firm was set up at the beginning of the pandemic, it was crucial that resources could be accessed by staff working from home. LexisNexis enabled remote access to all the law and guidance the team needed, wherever they were based.

“It is imperative to have books and commentary online now, so that the content can be more easily accessed across the team, especially whilst working remotely. It works really well having everything online and we are normally able to find what we need.”

“Litigators prefer LexisNexis as it really helps with the ‘real law’.”

Reducing external costs

LexisNexis helps the firm to advise clients on some of the very obscure points of law which would otherwise necessitate instruction of counsel. Luke argues that reliance upon online legislation, solo texts and government websites alone are simply not sufficient, and that the tools provided by LexisNexis are crucial in terms of providing comprehensive advice.

“The reality is being able to click on the provision of a statute and understand how that is likely to be construed by clicking on the related cases button or commentary takes some of the rocket science out of what the barristers do and that is really useful as it enables us to do more of the black letter law advisory work that we might have instructed counsel to advise on.”

Helping a fledgling firm to grow

Luke has found working with LexisNexis to be a very smooth experience. The resource support has helped the firm to launch successfully and achieve fast growth, notwithstanding a global pandemic. But as well as harnessing the support of LexisPSL and LexisLibrary, the firm has found it useful to contribute to LexisNexis case analysis content, both from a marketing and skills development aspect.

“Being a litigator is like juggling while standing on a big ball whilst someone is trying to poke a hole in you with a big stick!”

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