Founded in Sheffield in 1912, Irwin Mitchell is a full-service law firm offering legal and wealth management services from its 15 offices, employing more than 2,500 people.

Who are Irwin Mitchell?

Innovative client service and the delivery of client value are at the centre of everything they do. The purpose of the Group is “to look after our clients’ interests positively, actively and professionally.” They deliver on this purpose through a set of key values. Having a progressive approach to technology and a pioneering ‘always looking for ways to optimise’ attitude, are two of the key drivers Irwin Mitchell uses to ensure they remain an outstanding, distinctive firm with their clients’ best interests at heart.

What instigated change?

Eleanor Windsor, Head of Knowledge Management at Irwin Mitchell, understands that change is an essential and continuous process to ensure they remain competitive. “We are constantly tracking the market, constantly looking at different options to ensure our fee-earners have access to the content they need to best serve their clients in a cost-efficient, timely manner.”

The coming renewal of their practical guidance supplier was an opportunity to look at what alternative solutions were available and see if improvements were possible.

“We had assessed LexisPSL previously. Several of us had used LexisPSL, just not as a comprehensive all module service. We already subscribed to key content modules—Personal Injury and Family. We were continuing to track the market and felt that LexisPSL was a genuine alternative to our current supplier. Although cost was an important factor, our relationship with LexisNexis, their responsiveness, flexibility, and the integration available with other products were key factors.”

“All of these factors meant we had a conversation at the point of renewal. We then took it a step further setting up a trial formally with groups across the business, created a stakeholder group and steering committee. We were impressed with the Lexis approach, their willingness and confidence to position their product alongside their competition to show how it stacked up.”

“The way LexisNexis dealt with us was receptive and not pushy. They took the time to get to know us and what we needed as a business.”

User engagement was key

Introducing new workplace technology can be a challenge, especially when changing from an established solution. Resistance to an alternative can be high and adoption low. Irwin Mitchell got around this by making it clear that a decision would be made after the trial period.

Employees could only have their say on the decision if they engaged with LexisPSL during the trial period.

The LexisPSL trial ran parallel with their now former supplier. Once the decision was made to change, clear communications informed everyone of the switch off date. Fee-earners were advised not to start matters using the other product as the deadline approached.

“The level of engagement has continued and remained at an appropriate level. The Engagements team is very good. The Customer Success training team are very flexible, they make things happen, make you feel like nothing’s too much trouble. They were very technically capable and would reinforce any messages we wanted to get across.”

Successful implementation with less stress

Integration with LexisLibrary, access to clauses and driving further future efficiencies with LexisSmart Forms are some of the key benefits of the switch to LexisPSL that have helped ensure successful adoption. “We’ve also benefitted from reduced risk, using LexisPSL helps distinguish us from our competitors and has helped us to develop more of our own bespoke offerings which is a healthier approach. We feel we are engaged as a strategic partner and actively involved in helping shape future solutions.”

LexisPSL provides over 1500 users within Irwin Mitchell with advanced legal insights and immediate answers across more than 35 practice areas. They are now able to leverage this solution to deliver against clients’ needs, reduce research time and keep up-to-date with latest business and industry developments.

Victoria Brackett, CEO of Business Legal Services at Irwin Mitchell, said: “This move is just one part of our broader strategy to become a more efficient, digitally driven group.

“Technology is so important in ensuring we can deliver what our clients truly value and we’ve been impressed with the partnership approach from LexisNexis. We feel that this will make us even more efficient in helping our clients to resolve their legal issues in the most cost-effective way.”

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